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Al Nahw al Waadih: LESSON 1

 LESSON 1 الجملة المفيدة 

 What is jumla mufeeda means a sentence with a complete meaning(in other words, a sentence can not really be a sentence unless it makes sense and has a complete meaning)

Examples from sentences:

 1- الْبُسْتَانُ جميلٌ which means "the garden is beautiful"
2- الشَّمْسُ طَالِعةٌ which means "the sun is rising"
3- شَمَّ عَلِيٌّ وَرْدَةً which means "Alee smelled the rose"
 4- قَطَفَ مُحَمَّدٌ زَهْرَةً which means "Muhammad picked a flower"
 5- يَعِيشُ السَّمكُ في الْمَاءِ which means "the fish lives in the water"
6- يَكْثُرُ النَّخِيلُ في مِصْرَ which means "the palm trees increase in Egypt"

  Explanation: If we look at the first example الْبُسْتَانُ جميلٌ, we find that it is composed of 2 words. One being الْبُسْتَانُ (the garden) and the other being جميلٌ (is beautiful). If we were to take just the first word (al bustaan), we would not have a complete understanding except a single word, which is not enough to carry on(the speech). The same goes for if we took the other word (jameel). However if we put these 2 words together, (al bustaanu jameel), then we would have a complete understanding of what is being said.

 Therefore, this is the jumla mufeeda. It is every sentence with a full, making-sense meaning.

THE FIRST PRINCIPLE:  التركيب الذي يفيد فائدة تامة يسمى جملة مفيدة، ويسمى أيضًا كلامًا. الجملة المفيدة قد تتركب من كلمتين، وقد تتركب من أكثر، وكل كلمة فيها تعد جزءًا منها.

MEANING: 1. the words that make a complete meaning is called JUMLA MUFEEDA and is also called KALAM 2.the jumla mufeeda can be composed of 2 words or more, and each word in the jumla mufeeda is counted as part of it.

  Some exercises: (For vocabulary)

 اقرأ الجمل الآتية وبين الكلمات في كل واحدة منها: Read the sentences and make clear the meaning in each one.

1- السَّماءُ مُمْطرَةٌ - the sky is raining
 2- الْحَديقَة جميلة - the garden is beautiful(al hadeeqa is another word of bustaan)
3- يَنقطِعُ المطرُ - the rain has stopped
4- يَسِيرُ السَّحابُ - the clouds are moving
 5- تَطْلُعُ الشَّمْسُ - the sun is rising
 6- تجِفُّ الْأَرْضُ - the earth is shaking
 7- الطَّائرُ فَوْقَ الشَّجرَةِ - the plane is above the tree
8- يقطِفُ علِيٌّ الْأَزهارَ - Ali is picking the flowers
 9- يَلْعَبُ الْغِلْمانُ بالْكُرَة - the boys are playing with the ball
 10- يَنْزِلُ المطَرُ مِنَ السَّماءِ - the rain is falling from the sky
11- تَسِيرُ السُّفُنُ في الْبحار - the ships are sailing the seas
12- يَشْتَدُّ الْبَرْدُ فَوْقَ الجبال - the cold is worsening above the mountains OR the cold above the mountains is worsening

Which sentences show a jumla mufeeda(sentence that makes sense and has complete meaning)??

 1- لَيْسَ الْجَوُّ - NO " The weather is not..."
This sentence is not a jumla mufeeda because we do not have a complete sentence

2- أَكلَ فريدٌ YES "Fareed ate" We have a complete meaning

3- القِطارُ سَريعٌ YES "The train is fast"

 4- إن اجْتهَدْتَ NO "If you work hard..." not complete

5- ليتَ الْمريض NO "The sick is not.."

 6- الثوْبُ نَظيفٌ YES "the garment is clean"

 7- الْكِتابُ الَّذِي NO "The book which.."

8- البنتُ المُتَعَلِّمة NO "The learning daughter.."

  Optional Homework: (4) اجعل كل مثال من الأمثلة الآتية جملة مفيدة بوضع كلمة ملائمة في المكان الخالي

Make each of these sentences a jumla mufeeda by placing a word in the middle that would make sense
 1- الْعُصْفُور .... الْقفَض meaning " The sparrow(bird)...cage" PLACE A WORD

 2- الْولدُ .... الْفَاكِهةَ "the boy...the fruit" PLACE A WORD

3- الثَّورُ ... الأَرض "The ox..the earth" PLACE A WORD

 4- الْولدُ الْمُهَذَّبُ ... "the well behaved boy..." ADD WORD

5- الحِذاءُ الضَّيِّقُ ... " The narrow(squishy) shoe..."

6- القمَرُ ... السَّماء "the moon...the sky" PLACE A WORD IN THE MIDDLE

 (5) ضع كل كلمة من الكلمات الآتية في جملة مفيدة مركبة من كلمتين:


 الحَديقة - THE GARDEN

 (EX: THE GARDEN IS BEAUTIFUL الْحَديقَة جميلة
 الشَّجرة- THE TREE

 الأَزهار - THE FLOWERS

 الشَّمْس - THE SUN

 (6) ضع كل كلمة من الكلمات الآتية في جملة مفيدة مركبة من أكثر من كلمتين:


 الْماء - THE WATER

 الْفاكِهة -THE FRUIT

يَلْعَبُ - HE IS PLAYING

 EXAMPLE FOR يَلْعَبُ 

  يلعب محمد في البيت يَرْكَبُ  meaning, "Muhammad is playing in the house."

End of Lesson 1

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