Monday, February 24, 2014

The 3 Fundamentals every Muslim should know of


Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah,

I would like to invite everyone to please partake in and listen to these video series of Shaykh Ahmad Jibril(may Allah protect him and his family)  on the classical book of Aqeedah, "Thalatha Usool" or "Usool ath-Thalatha" translated as "The 3 Fundamentals." The 3 Fundamentals refer to the 3 questions every individual will be asked in the grave. These questions are:

1. Who is your Rabb(Lord)?
2. Who is your prophet?
3. What is your deen?

Only a true believe who lived a life of tawheed will be able to answer this question. On the other hand, the disbeliever and munaafiq(hypocrite) will not be able to answer these questions. It is important we learn our aqeedah to be able to worship Allah upon pure knowledge and insight.

The book was originally written by Shaykh al Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab(May Allah be pleased with him). The shaykh is famous for reviving the da'wah and pure creed in the land of Tawheed (what is now called Saudi Arabia). The shaykh lived in a time where the people were in great  and deep ignorance of Islaam and tawheed. There was a lot of grave worship, superstitions, and corruption through out the land. The shaykh instantly realized it was due to the ignorance and lack of knowledge of Islaam and belief in Allah (tawheed). May Allah have mercy on the shaykh and give him the immense reward of all those who benefit from his works in any way. Truly, Allah is capable of all things.

The book is a very important and concise book on the basics of Islaam. It is indeed an obligation upon every Muslim to understand his or her aqeedah. It has been said that correct aqeedah is more important in the sight of Allah than food and water. Why? It would be a great disaster and loss to meeet your Creator and Maker on the Final Day with a false belief of Him. One can die of hunger and poverty but as long as that person had a correct belief of Allah and recognized the oneness of Allah and rejected Taaghoot, this person will indeed be saved and a true winner in the Hereafter. Imagine the sad and unfortunate state of the one who perhaps lived a life of liesure and fame and yet did not believe in Allah azza wa jall or believed in Allah azza wa jall but fell into shirk al akbaar ( major shirk) and associated ascribed to Allah! What a loser this person will be and how great his hasra(regret) will be! We ask Allah to save us from disbelief and shirk!

Links to the video lessons on YouTube:

Audio version:

Link to the actual book (ENGLISH)

Link to the actual book (ARABIC)

Explanation of the 3 Fundamentals of Tawheed explained by Sh. Ibn Uthaymeen (translated)

Monday, February 10, 2014


My nation Oh My nation!

How I long to be there for you

Your pains and sufferings I witness

Yet it is as if my body is tied to the Earth I stand above

I see and hear your agonies my nation

I know I long to be there for you

Ummati do not blame me for I blame myself for what I knew

None responded to the hell you suffer save a believing few

forgive me my ummah for I can do nothing but watch and pray

The stings and bites you suffer are temporary and will soon fade away

So do not forget oh my nation the power of supplication

The true ones are being separated from the fakes, this is all but a means of purification

Invocation to an Almighty Lord and having Him on your side is the greatest power of all

So do not let the stings of a foolish, misguided enemy be the cause for your fall

A gutter and dark tunnel we've been walking around in

Has the time to return back to the way of Allah and His Messenger not sinked in?

The pure victory is  going back to the Noble Book and Sunnah of the Haashimi Messenger

So oh my nation, cling to this way even if you must be killed

For in the end, nothing is a loss if it happened as Allah willed!