Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Umm Muslimah

~Umm Muslimah~

The woman I knew and loved most
Our age differences did not keep us from being true friends
You were like the older sister I dreamt of
You were a true companion and proved yourself honest 
You were beautiful to me in every way
Your smile put a smile to my face
Your sadness wiped away the laughs and smiles
When you were sad you had a right to be sad
And you had every right to
For who could stand to smile and see the sufferings of the oppressed?
But when you smiled, it was the best thing
You were very considerate and were there for others
But we failed and were not there for you
You had Allah on your side
Your love for tawheed and its people was true
Your hatred for falsehood was also imminent
Your smile of faith and trust wiped away the smirks and frowns of the doubtful
Your emaan and firmness put the cowards to shame
My love, my dear sister, patience is not something I should advice you
Patience is now your best friend
You live in patience and steadfastness
You are the light in the darkness of the prisons
You are the ship of faith amidst the tides of kufr and ilhaad
You are the proud daughter of the righteous milla
You are the sister of the most trustworthy handhold
You were true to your covenant once, so remain firm on it like others before you

You are my sister, my beloved, umm muslimah

I affirm

I affirm the Oneness
Of the One and Only
The One who hears and sees all
The One in whose hands I've placed my life
The One who provides for me and takes care of me.
The One who blew the soul into the flesh,
The One who made man a successor on His earth,
The One who is denied and ridiculed.
The One whom despite man's ungratefulness and disbelief,
 provides for Him and takes care of Him.
The One I am more than willing to live and die for.
The One I rub my head on the dust for five times a day.
The One who never oppresses and is the best of judges.
The One whose mercy I've felt and in whose worship I find tranquility and peace.
The One who was worshipped and believed in from the start
Without Him we I am nothing
Without Him I am lost and misguided.