Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Be FIRM on What Allaah Loves!


Ibraaheem al-Harbee said, "I heard Ahmad (Ibn Hanbal) say,

‘If you love that Allaah should keep you upon that which you love, then remain upon that which He loves, and the good is in the one who sees no good in himself'.” [al-Aadaabush-Shar’iyyah (2/31) by Ibn Muflih]

 These were the words of the great scholar, the Imam(leader) of AhlulSunnah wal Jama3ah. The man who stood up to one of the greatest trials to be released upon this nation. It was none other than the fitna of the issue of "The Creation of the Quran" which was being spread like wildfire by the Mu'tazilah(one of the evil misguided sects). So, who was this great giant of Islam who stood up for the truth he believed in? 

He was none other than Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Anyone who reads the biography of this man will have to admire him and what he went through. He was a man who sacrificed his life and everything he loved in order to please Allah Almighty and not the Creation.

 We should all realize that Islaam is not a deen built on "I love" only. The truth requires much more than just lip-service, because everyone and anyone can say I love, but the real deal is to prove that love with your actions.
 Imam Ahmad paid a hefty price for standing up for Islam at a time when scholars were giving into the false words of the Mu'tazilah that the Qur'an is created and not Allah's kalaam(contrary to the belief of Ahlulsunnah). Imam Ahmad saw his companions give in and surrender to the fitna and these were the companions of Imam Ahmad we are talking about.

Al Islaam is not just any religion, it is not a way of life. It is THE ONLY WAY of life which is recognized by the Creator. Let us learn to appreciate this way and milla of the Hunafaa(Upright Ones). This path of love and truth in which many sacrificed their lives and wealth for. Prophets and Messengers were reviled, mocked , and killed by their own people  because of it. The sahaba spilled their blood because of it.

The true and sincere believer is always on guard and worried if his deeds are even accepted by Allah. The companions use to worry about this, so how can we, being in the miserable state we are in now(as an ummah) be so confident? Allah ta'ala says:

 Did they then feel secure against the Plan of Allah. None feels secure from the Plan of Allah except the people who are the losers. [ Surah al A'raaf:99]

  We should try our best to fear Allah and abstain from the Haraam. Strive to practice your Deen and always put it first and foremost before your dunya affairs.