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The Beautiful Story of the companion Abu Aqeel al Ansaari (May Allah be pleased with him)

..then he raised his finger towards the sky, a gesture by which he meant to praise and thank Allah.

Abu 'Aqeel رضي الله عنه, a man from the Ansaar, was one of the first people to be injured on the Day of Yamaamah. 
(Battle of Yamama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.) 
He became hurt as a result of an arrow that struck him somewhere between his shoulder and his heart; it was a serious but non-lethal blow, and he was able to pull out the arrow. Nonetheless, his entire left side became weak, and so he returned to the Muslim encampment in order to seek medical attention. When the fighting became intense and the Muslims were forced to head back towards their encampment, Ma'an ibn 'Adee رضي الله عنه called out,

اللّه اللّه! والكرّة على عدوّكم

"O people of the Ansaar. (Remember) Allah! Allah! And turn around and bear down upon your enemies."

So as to set an example for others, Ma'an رضي الله عنه then raced ahead of everyone else, plunging directly into the ranks of the opposing army. And the people of the Ansaar, in response to Ma'an's plea, were right behind him.

At that point, Abu Aqeel رضي الله عنه got up, intending to catch up to his Ansaaree brothers. Some Muslims tried to convince him to stay where he was, saying to him, "O Abu Aqeel, you are not for fighting." Abu 'Aqeel رضي الله عنه, referring to Ma'an's plea for help, said, "The caller mentioned me by name." Someone responded, "The caller merely said, "O people of the Ansaar." He was not referring to injured fighters."

Abu 'Aqeel رضي الله عنه replied,

أنا رجل من الأنصار، وأنا أجيبه ولو حبو

"And I am from the Ansaar, and I will answer his call to his arms, even if I have to crawl (towards the enemy).

Because his entire left side was weak and numb, Abu 'Aqeel رضي الله عنه was able to hold his sword with his right only; nonetheless, with pure grit and determination, he marched onwards toward the enemy, all the while calling out,

يا للأنصار، كرّة كيوم حنين

"O people of the Ansaar, let us launch a renewed attach like we did on the Day of Hunain"
(Battle of Hunayn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Every member of that elite Ansaaree group then fought with high spirits, seeking out one of the two things: Martydom or victory. With their renewed attack, they forced their enemies to retreat and seek refuge in the "Garden of Death".
(Battle of Yamama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

During the course of this assault, Abu 'Aqeel's arm was cut off; in fact, he was inflicted with a total of fourteen wounds, each of which was lethal in and of itself.

قال ابن عمر: فوقعت على أبي عقيل وهو صريع بآخر رمق، فقلت: أبا عقيل

Later on, when Ibn Umar رضي الله عنه walked by him, Abu 'Aqeel was taking in his last few breaths. Ibn 'Umar رضي الله عنه said, "O Abu 'Aqeel," to which Abu 'Aqeel رضي الله عنه responded with a heavy voice,

فقال: لبّيك. بلسان ملتاث لمن الدّبرة؟

"Here I am, answering your call. Who has won (today)?"

قلت: أبشر، ورفعت صوتي: قد قتل عدوّ اللّه

Ibn 'Umar رضي الله عنه replied, "Rejoice, for the enemy of Allah (i.e. Musailamah) has been killed."

فرفع أصبعه إلى السّماء يحمد اللّه، ومات -رحمه اللّه

Abu 'Aqeel رضي الله عنه then raised his finger towards the sky, a gesture by which he meant to praise and thank Allah.

قال : رحمه اللّه، ما زال يسأل الشّهادة ويطلبها، وإن كان ما علمت من خيار أصحاب نبيّنا

'Umar ibn Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه later said about Abu 'Aqeel رضي الله عنه,
"May Allah have mercy on him. He has sought out martyrdom for a long time, and he has now achieved it. Verily, he is among the best of our Prophet's صلى الله عليه و سلم companions رضي الله عنهم أجمعين"

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