Monday, August 29, 2016

The Best Days of the Dunyaa are upon us!


The first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are the best days of this world as Allah has sworn on them.

والفجر*وليال عشر*والشفع والوتر*

🌿Some ibaadaat to do during these 10 days🌿

🌷Reciting Quraan as much as possible by:
🔹reciting a juzz each day
🔹reciting 2 juzz each day
🔹making a khatma aka reciting the entire quraan during these days!

🌷Increase in Dhikr esp in these 3 times:

⭐️before the time for Fajr especially by increasing in istighfaar and duaa
⭐️after fajr,  by making adhkaar as sabaah aka morning duaas
⭐️after maghreb by not forgeting adhkaar al masaa' or the evening duaas!

🌷fasting during these 10 days

🌷providing iftaar for a fasting persons even if its like hosting 2 or 1 individuals! There is great reward in this!

🌷Praying nawafil prayers and the sunan rawaatib like:

➡️Duhaa prayer which is can be prayed 2,4,8 rakaat
➡️The sunnahs before and after the 5 daily prayers
➡️Witr before sleeping at night

🌷Duaa for the ummah in these days especially for the people of al Shaam, Iraq, wa fee kulli makaan! Duaa for the righteous ulamaa and imprisoned Muslimeen. May Allah hasten their releases yaa rabb!

📌❣Fasting the most important day of these 10, the Day of Arafah which is on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah!

❣May Allah grant us tawfeeq❣

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