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Come to success!

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

Come to success

After ar-Rabi` bin Khaytham became partially paralyzed, he used to go to the mosque helped by two men.
He was told: O AbuYazid! You have been given permission to pray at home.

He said,

You have said the truth, but I heard the caller hearld, ‘Hayya `ala al-Falah (Come to success)’,
and I thought that whoever heras this call should answer it even by crawling.

[Hilyat al Awliya 2/113]


Abu Bakr bin Abdullah al Muzani said:

Who is like you, O son of Adam?
Whenever you wish, you use water to make Ablution, go to the place fo worship and thus enter the presence of your Lord (start praying) without a translator or a barrier between you and Him!

[Al Bidayah wa an Nihayah 9/256]


Abu Rajaa al `Ataridi said:

Nothing that I leave behind grieves me, except that I used to bow down on my face five times a day before my Lord, the Exalted and Most Honored.

[Hilyat al Awliya 2/306]

Look at how the early righteous guarded their prayers in the house of Allaah. Yet today- forget praying at the masjid, we have servants of Allaah who have abandoned salah in its totality yet still claim to be Muslims!!What kind of a religion is this? Subhaan Allah, the laws of Allaah are not like any other laws, so we should guard our obligations, if we know and believe, that a day will come where will be in front of Allaah and have to answer to everything that we did! Salah will be amongst those things which you will be asked about O fellow muslim!
Indeed whoever has no salah, has no connection with Allaah. Salah is the coolness of the eyes of the believers in salah. The prophet (saws) said "the coolness of my eyes is in my prayer," salah is the true raaha(pleasure and relaxation) of the believer in this dunya.

The salah has such a high position in Allaah's deen that there is absolutely If you are poor, it is not a must on you to give zakah, if you are blind, old, or weak, it is not a must for you to fight obligatory jihaad, if the road to hajj is not safe even if you have the money, you are excused from making hajj. If you are travelling or ill, you are excused from fasting in Ramadhan. As for salah, then By Allaah who raised the skies with no pillars, it is a MUST for you to pray. Allaah has blessed us with a flexible deen and sharia, where we can pray differently depending on our situation. Even if you are in a state of fear or are paralyzed , there is a way to pray your obligatory prayers( you can use your eyes).

So O servant of Allaah, fear Your Creator and guard your prayers for whoever leaves it will never succeed. This is because Allaah has said " Successful indeed are the believers." and what did Allaah say right after that?? "Those who are conscious of their prayers." So Allaah has described salah as a characteristic of the true believer.

The sahaba use to consider the one who leaves salah to be a DISBELIEVER , let alone a hypocrite. Ummar ibn al Khattab said that whoever abandons one salah intentionally for whatever reason, then he is a disbeliever. So, imagine the case of a person who claims to be a muslim, gives sadaqa, comes to islamic events, wears "hijaab" and has a muslim name But yet does not pray?!!! Why? Maybe this person is lazy or careless or is quite confident from Allaah's punishment. What a loser indeed!!! Allaah has said in His noble revelation that those who feel security(amn) from His punishment , then they are indeed losers. How can ou believe that you must pray and accept it as a fareedha(obligation) , yet O servant of Allaah, neglect it?!! What kind of a contradiction is this?

How will you face Allaah azza wa jall on the day of resurrection and hisaab(accounting and recompense)?? Do you know that salah will be the first thing You will questioned about?
Allaah ta'ala described the munafiqeen(hypocrites) as being lazy and lax in their prayers. If they are even lucky to get up and pray, Allah said that they get up and pray lazily. This is because there is no true faith in them. Beware of abandoning your prayers, this is a great loss.

May Allah guide us all !!

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