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Ramadhan and the Muslim woman P2

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Praise be to Allaah who made us muslims and gave us the true deen, praise be to Him, who sent us Muhammad(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) as His final Messenger.So peace and blessings be upon him, his family, and all those who follow his way.

To proceed:

O Muslim sister last time we mentioned some wonderful acts of worship which the muslimah can engage during this blessed month. We mentioned making duaa to Allaah, recitation of the Quraan, and some manners of making duaa. InshaAllah we will mention some more to you if Allaah wills.

O Muslim sister, this Ramadhan, increase in supererogatory prayers(at-tadawu3), increase in those special extra prayers which your prophet use to pray eventhough Allaah had already forgiven his past and future sins!

Many muslims neglect these sunnah prayers and whenever you tell them how come they dont pray them, their answer is always "well, its just sunnah!" subhanaAllaah! As if the sunnah is unimportant and not to be practiced! O sister, it is important that you increase in extra forms of da'aat(obediences) this Ramadhan. The acts of sunnah only increase in good for you by perfecting any errors you made in your wajibaat. O sister in Islam! Make efforts this ramadhan to catch up with the sunnah of ad-Duhaa! (forenoon prayer, that is prayed in the morning and before duhr comes in, it is prayed in 2,4, 8 rakahs)

Unfortunately, many people cannot even pray this beautiful sunnah because they are sleeping that time!! We need to change our selves sisters, if we want Allaah to rectify our affairs(personal) as well as the ummah, then we need to start with US. The prophet(salaAllaahu alayhi wassalam) never missed these sunnah prayers, and he was the best of Allaah's creation, the leader of the prophets and mankind, so why should we ?!! Why should we, when we are in a more critical state? Have we already been guaranteed jannah and that we have been freed from the hellfire this Ramadhan? NO! Then let us fear Allaah O sister!

O sister there are other sunnah and naafil prayers which you can take advantage of this Ramadhan such as; the 2 rakah before fajr prayer, the 4 rakah sunnah before duhr and the 2 after it, the sunnahs of maghrib and Ishaa. We can also pray the taraweeh at the masjid in the nights of Ramadhan, and there is more.

Another thing which you, O respected sister should focus on and make one of your goals this Ramadhan is, making the qunut in the witr when you pray. Make sure before you sleep that you have made duaa for the muslim ummah in your qunut. We are in the lowest and worst state we have been in since 1400 + years. Do not forget to ask Allaah to guide this ummah, to forgive us adn to have mercy upon us. Do not forget to ask Allaah to give victory and help to the poor oppressed muslims! This is your duty! If you O sister cannot help the ummah, then you can help by not forgetting them from your supplications.

O sister, this Ramadhan make sure to avoid sinning and disobeying your lord. This will be a loss for you. As a muslim, you are suppose to realize not the smallness or bigness of the sin you are commiting but the mightiness and greatness of the one you are disobeying!! How can one, when Ramadhan enters, and the doors of paradise are open, and the doors of jahanam get locked along with the devils, how can one after this insist on committing evil?!! So beware O sister! Remember that your Lord, has the greatest and most severe punishment! And remember that His(ta3alla) mercy is the greatest and encompasses all things.

This Ramadhan, O sister, please beware of and do not your WASTE TIME!! This is the biggest loss in Ramadhan. O sister , Ramadhan is not just staying away from food and drink from dawn till dusk, it is more than that! It is staying away from all bad and obscene acts. A Muslim who fasts during the day but other than that is involved in wasting their time, and perhaps even wasting their fast by backbiting, talking nonsense and useless talk, does not gain anything from their fast.

Abu Hurairah also reported that the Prophet (SalaAllahu alayhiwassalam) said: "Allah does not need the fast of one who does not abandon false speech or acting according to his false speech [Bukhari and others]]

He also reported the Prophet (Saws) as saying: "Whoever does not abandon falsehood in word and action, then Allah Mighty and Majestic has no need [i.e. will not accept] that he should leave his food and drink".[Bukhari]

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet(saws) said: "Perhaps a fasting person will get nothing from his fast save hunger, and perhaps the one who stands to pray at night will get nothing from his standing except sleeplessness." [an-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah and al-Hakim / Sahih al-Jami`]. In another Narration "It may be that a fasting person attains nothing but hunger and thirst from his fasting". [Ibn Majah, Darimi, Ahmad and al-Baihaqee; Sahih]

He(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) also said:
Part of the perfection of one's Islaam is his leaving that which does not concern him.
A Hasan (Good) Hadeeth which was related by at-Tirmidhee and others in this fashion.

O sister in Islaam, instead of engaging in backbiting and useless talk with others, engage yourself in the THIKR OF ALLAAH. Say subhanaAllaah, alhamdulillah, Allaahu akbar 33 times after each salah, say la ilaha illa Allaah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahul mulku walahul hamdu wa huwa 'ala kulli shayyin qadeer, say subhanaAllaahi wa bihamdihi subhanaAllaahil atheem, which are rare to say by people but carry so much reward, saying la hawla wa la quwata illa billahil aliyul atheem, which is a treasure from amongst the treasures of al jannah, the morning and evening athkar are also important, the athkaar after salah, before we sleep, when breaking our fast, and more! O sister! There are numerous and beautiful authentic athkaar you can make on a daily basis, so do not forget them especially this Ramadhan!

May Allaah allow us to benefit from this beautiful month, may Allaah make us amongst those who He frees from the hellfire, may Allaah allow us to enter into jannah even if we have to be in the lowest levels of al jannah! O Allaah, help this ummah to get back on its feet, and O Allaah bless to be amongst those who work for you! And our final call and praises are to Allaah, Lord of the Worlds, wassalaAllaahu 'ala nabiyina muhammad, wa 'ala alihi wassilim.

written by Umm Abdullah

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