Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"From the manners of the Prophets...."

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

it was narrated on the authority of Abu ad-Dardaa(radiaAllahu anhu) that he said:

Allaah's Messengers(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) said:

"3 are from the akhlaaq of the prophets:

1.hastening in the iftaar or breaking of the fast.

2.delaying the suhur or pre-dawn meal.

3, and placing the right hand over the left hand in the salah."

[reported by at-Tabarani in "al-Kabeer" in a marfu3 mawquf sahih way, it is authentic.]

MEANING of the Hadith:

Allaah has given the prophets and messengers with high akhlaaq, they were the highest example in chastity and generousity and in humbleness , patience , courage, and hastening towards the good.And there came in this narration 3 matters from their akhlaaq:

FIRST: hastening in the iftaar:

They would hasten to break the fast when its time came just like they would hasten to fast when its time came.

SECOND: delaying the suhur:

it is also another praiseworthy act of the prophets, and this is done so, because for the one who delays his suhur, then his whole day he is active and strong.

THIRD: placing the right hand over the left in Salah:

another beautiful mannerism of the prophets, which shows humbleness, tranquility, submitting oneself to Allaah ta3alla.


1. the virtue of hastening in the iftaar and delaying the suhur
2.the virtue of placing the right hand over the left in salah and that it is sunnah.

taken from the book "40 Hadeeth-each hadith relating to 3 matters" written by sh. Saalih as-Sadlan

Umm Abdullah

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