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Some Jumuah Reminders

assalamu alaikum,

The Best Day is Friday

Abu Hurairah (Radhi Allahu Anhu) reported: The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) said, "The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday. On that day Adam was created, he was admitted to Jannah, and he was expelled therefrom."

Commentary: This Hadith tells us of the excellence of Jumu’ah. Many achievements were made on this day which also go to prove its excellent position in Islam.
[Riyadh As-Salihin]

Reading Surah al Kahf

The Prophet said: "Whoever would read Surat Al-Kahf on Friday it would provide him of light for the duration between the two Fridays."


'Al-'Adawee said that opinions differed about this hadeeth. He said that it was reported by 'Al-Hakim, page 564 of volume 1 who said that it was of sound ascription.
He also said that it had testimonial in a hadeeth reported by way of 'Ibn `Umar in Targheeb, page 513 of volume 1.
'Al-'Albãni said that it was reported by 'Al-Bayhaqi, and 'Al-Hakim. It is in his Saheeh Al-Jãmi`i As-Sagheeri.

Imam Ahmad recorded that Al-Bara'aa said:

"A man recited Al Kahf and there was an animal in the house which began acting in a nervous manner. He looked, and saw a fog or cloud overhead. He mentioned this to the prophet(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) who said: "Keep on reciting so and so,for this is the tranquility which descends when one reads Quran or because of reading Quran."

This was also recorded in the Two Sahihs of al Bukhari and Muslim.

Saying Salah on the Prophet(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam)

Aws ibn Aws(radiaAllahu anhu) narrated that the prophet(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) said:
"Indeed, among the best of your days is the day of Jumuah...Therefore, say plenty of salah upon me during it, because your salah will be presented to me(after my death)." (recorded by Abu Daud, an Nasai, and others. sahih by al Albani in Sahih Abu Daud no.962 and Sahihu Targhib wat Tarhib no.696)

Therefore one of the important rights on jumuah is to say frequent salah on the prophet(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam). This means to say "salaAllahu alayhi wassalam" which means,"Allahs peace and praise be upon him." We should say this frequently and whenever his name is mentioned, as an expression of gratitude to him, because he brought us the pure message and guidance that can save us from destruction.

Saying salah upon him is an act of worship that Allah(azza wa jall) prescribed in His book:
"Indeed, Allah and His angels say salah upon the prophet. O you who believe, say salah upon him, as well as tremendous salam." (Surah Al Ahzaab ayah 56)

The Day of Al-Jumu'ah starts from Maghrib (sunset) on Thursday till the end of Asr on Friday.
(From the book "Festivals and Celebrations in Islam" by Shaykh Muhammad al Jibaly

Collected by Umm Abdullah

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