Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I affirm

I affirm the Oneness
Of the One and Only
The One who hears and sees all
The One in whose hands I've placed my life
The One who provides for me and takes care of me.
The One who blew the soul into the flesh,
The One who made man a successor on His earth,
The One who is denied and ridiculed.
The One whom despite man's ungratefulness and disbelief,
 provides for Him and takes care of Him.
The One I am more than willing to live and die for.
The One I rub my head on the dust for five times a day.
The One who never oppresses and is the best of judges.
The One whose mercy I've felt and in whose worship I find tranquility and peace.
The One who was worshipped and believed in from the start
Without Him we I am nothing
Without Him I am lost and misguided.

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  1. وانه هو اضحك وابكي