Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Blessed Land

A Blessed Land

A land so blessed you truly are
I wonder and dream of you from afar
I dream of walking over your golden-green land
Which many a prophet of Allah did once stand
Bilaad ash-Shaam! Oh place of purity and truth
Oh land of the glorious days of the believing youth
Oh land of Tawheed! That upright , true deen
Oh land of martyrs the greatest any man has seen
In you many pure blood was spilled 
But for a just cause were they killed
To you , Ibraahim and Lut did migrate
From the takbeers of Ibn al Waleed and alQa'qaa did your walls shake!
I hear your painful cries my beloved land 
To Allah only do I complain and raise my hand
I hear your cries yet I do not respond
So I ask my Lord, All Mighty to pardon me 
and fear not O Children of Dimashq for the morning of victory is but near dawn! You shall see!



  1. Beautiful poem, is it authored by you or someone else? if so where can I get this poem please

  2. Jazzakum Allahu khayr. Yes I wrote it alhamdulillah, Im not really a poet. In sha Allah Ill try to do some more when Im in a poetic mode.