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Inspiring Accounts of the Sahabiyyat

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Umm Sulaym bint Milhaan

On the day of al Hunayn, Umm Sulaym had a dagger with her and keep in mind she was heavily pregnant. Abu Talha al Ansari(radiaAllahu anhu) came to Rasullah(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) laughing and told him that Umm Sulaym has a dagger. So the Messenger(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) asked her what she'll do with it and she(radiaAllahu anhaa) replied:
"I wanted to stab with it anyone who comes near me." And in another narration she said,"if anyone of the mushrikeen came near me, i would take it and i would slice his belly." So the Messenger of Allah(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) began to laugh.

from Sifatu-Safwah 2/66 and Hayatu-Sahabah 1/597

Umm Musa al Lakhimiyaah

She was the mother Musa ibn Nusayr, the man who conquered al Andalus

She witnessed the Battle of al Yarmuk with her husband and she said that she killed a kaafir and took his spoils. when Abdulaziz ibn Marwan asked her about the story, she would say describing it:
"we were a group of women, and while the men were undertaking an excursion,i saw a infidel dragging a Muslim man. So i took a pole from a tent and then i approached him and smashed his head with it! And i approached to take his spoils and the men helped me take it. "

from Al Isabah 4/501

Umm Salamah Asmaa bint Yazeed al Ansariyyah

She was the cousin of Muadh ibn Jabal(radiaAllahu anhu), a famous woman of the Ansar. She was the one who prepared Aishah(radiaAllahu anha) on her wedding night for the prophet(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam). She was present at the Bay'atu Ridwaan and is among those whom Allah(azza wa jall) said:

" Indeed, Allah was pleased with the believers when they gave their Bai'a (pledge) to you (O Muhammad ) under the tree..." (Surah al-Fath:18)

In the Battle of Yarmuk, She killed nine Romans by herself with a pole from her tent!

Siyar A'llam an Nubalaa 2/297

Asmaa also played feets in other battles and expeditions with the Prophet(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam).Not only would she fight but she was one of the nurses for the Muslim army and cook for the fighters.In the Battle of the Trench, Asmaa sent the Prophet(salaAllahu alayhi wassalam) his favorite dish of dates and gee. She then invited some of the Mujahideen in this ghazwaa(battle)to partake of the same dish and subhnaAllah everyone had their fill but there was still the same amount of food left over!

She had the honor of being there at the signing of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. She also took part in the Battle of Khaybar against the jewish tribe of Banu Nadheer.

By Umm Abdullah

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